What about...?

Common concerns and questions from parents who are thinking about sending their kids to private school.

...My Church Membership?

Grace Lutheran School teaches the Scriptures with the conviction of Martin Luther and other leaders of the 16th century Reformation.  That is to say - we view the Bible as God's inspired Word, Christ-centered, cross-focused, practical and powerful in law and gospel.  We cannot, and would not, change this confession to accommodate your sensibilities.  But, we have never forbidden members of other churches or denominations from attending our school.  (Currently our school is actually majority non-members.)  We've also found that some of the strongest appreciation for our Biblical teaching comes from non-member families, who haven't found it in education elsewhere.  If you have any questions about our religious beliefs, if you're new to the Christian faith, or just interested in pursuing religious instruction in your own right, we also encourage you to contact our pastor, Nathan Zastrow.  He'll be able to help you with any questions you may have.  Thanks!

...Tuition Costs?

It is the stated goal of Grace Lutheran School that any child sincerely interested in attending our school should never be turned away for reasons of financial need.

While we are not able to guarantee any level of funding prior to assessing your financial situation and ours, we do have designated tuition assistance funds which are available to families in need of them.  

... Getting My Child to School?

Grace Lutheran School is well-networked and has students that come from Selah, East Valley, Terrace Heights, West Valley and nearby in the Central Valley.  If transportation is a difficulty for your family, we can usually get you in contact with other families who would be willing to carpool or alternate between pickup and drop-off, etc.  We're proud of the level of commitment and community that our school offers, and it's easier than you think to make these kinds of arrangements.  Talk to Principal Rebecca Hussman for more information!

...Youth Sports?

Grace Lutheran School offers opportunities throughout the year for students to participate in limited, mixed-age, in-school athletic events.  

As a member-school of the Evergreen Lutheran High School System, we can also offer opportunities for students to compete against their peers from other areas of the Pacific Northwest.  These opportunities, however, may be limited by the level of interest from any given year's student body.

Your child also has the right to participate in local public school athletic programs operated by the Yakima School District, as well as community programs available throughout the city.  The last option may have some costs involved, however.