So... Why Grace Lutheran School?

Grace Is Christ-Focused

Like it or not, people need a worldview.  And like it or not, your children will pick one up.  Grace Lutheran School offers an advantage by giving your children the moral framework to view the world as broken and redeemed.  A Grace education includes all the regular academic offerings of a public education, but also teaches the timeless truth of God's Word.  Most importantly, because of the daily presence of his Word in our school, your children will come to view themselves through the lens of the Scriptures.  God willing, they will be built upon a solid understanding of their relationship to God in both sin and grace.  They will also be loved and have a community here at Grace, because we are the Church.

Grace Is Small

From local bookstores to microbreweries, we're glad to see the culture coming around again to the idea that small can be HUGE.  Our experience tells us the same thing.  Of course, small doesn't always translate to quality, but in our case, we believe it does - and we actively work to keep it that way.  Relationships among students, families, teachers, and the church are all items-of-business that come up regularly.  Academic progress is so much more individualized than it can be elsewhere.  Every student can name and know every other student.  Is there a downside to that?

Grace Is Affordable

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer the education that we do at no cost.  However we have found that here in the Yakima Valley, side-by-side with other private schools, our tuition costs compare very favorably.  We also offer financial aid to families who are interested in attending but may struggle to make ends meet.  Please consider applying and talk to our principal for more detailed information as applies to you.